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Orchids are wonderful plants to have in your garden or hanging above the porch. They add a nice touch to any yard or house, and they can last at least a couple of years. But when shopping for new ones, what should you look for in order to pick out the healthiest plants that will last the longest? Here are a few tip to consider when going orchid shopping.
Youth is Best: First, you’ll want to find out how old the specific orchid that you’re look at really is. The best age is around one year, although you could go up to two if need be. Anything older than that and you’re just asking for near-death flowers. Once they begin blooming, an orchid will continue to do so, until they are practically dead, so it’s safe to bet on the younger orchids who have just begun to bloom. Sometimes they’re marked on the pot, but if they’re not, you’d best ask the florist for the correct information.

Looks Good: One easy and very significant factor when picking out new orchids, would be if it simply looks alright. Are there any bugs on it? Are the leaves dying or wilting? In fact, the leaves should look healthy and lush. Their foliage should be green without holes, rips, or tattered edges. If pests or hungry insects have gotten to it already, then you will probably notice by the look so the leaves. Also, keep the feel and texture of the leaves in mind: are they hard or soft? Soft is bad, and will probably turn into mush in the near future. Purchase the orchid only if it looks OK, and that includes having healthy, hard leaves.

Don’t forget about the roots, either. These should also appear a light green, unless it was just watered, in which the roots will become more rich or dark green. Uprooted or dry roots are not good signs. You should also stay away from roots that have no green coloring; brown or white shades will point to possible pest infestation, and that’s just not worth your money or time.

Ask What You’re Getting: There is an array of countless orchids to choose from. To find the one that best fits you and your own situation and circumstances, you’ll probably want to ask the florist which orchid they have and the proper instructions for each type. Bulbophyllums and Dendrobiums are both very popular, and others would includeCymbidium and Calopogon. Each kind requires a different mixture of light and temperature to keep them not only surviving, but thriving, so I definitely wouldn’t ignore what breed you’re getting.